Ice cream truck for a birthday party

At ice cream Toronto, we provide fully equipped ice cream truck for birthday parties. This isn’t just an ordinary Toronto ice cream truck; it consists of everything you would possibly need to have a great time. It consists of different flavors and we can even add more if you like. One of the best things about hiring trucks for birthday parties is that the children are going to absolutely love it. Add to that many types of flavors and your birthday party is definitely going to be successful.

The Toronto ice cream truck also includes a highly qualified driver who is experienced and will be able to guide customers more about the products and services provided. Most of our drivers and people who service the ice cream truck have been in the field for years. Confused about the type of flavor you want? They will help you choose! Prefer cones instead of cups? They have it all covered.

Our ice cream truck rental services are affordable when compared with others in the market. Our approach is providing high quality services and different flavors by maintaining cost effectiveness. We already know how expensive it can get to plan a birthday party and we don’t want to add more unnecessary expenses on you. Our Toronto ice cream truck is definitely going to be the perfect addition for your birthday party. Just imagine the amount of fun children are going to have choosing the different flavors. Not only children, we all know that adults love ice cream too!

Feel free to contact us about our ice cream truck rental services and we will provide you with any information you want. We will also be more than happy to answer any additional inquiries you have about the other services we provide and its associated costs.


  1. Michelle says:

    What is the fees for birthday parties , and is their additional travel expenses ?

    • admin says:

      Please call us for details, as the fee depends on the number of guests, location and time of the event.

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