Our Ice Cream

Here at Mr. Iceberg, we take pride in delivering a quality product to all of our customers, big and small.  When you are looking for the best ice cream truck Toronto has to offer, give us a call.

By providing an extremely wide variety of ice cream and frozen treats, we are able to keep our customers happy and coming back for more whenever they have a need for us.  All of our ice cream is kept in freezers, held securely in place within our ice cream truck, that are thoroughly maintained in order to promote cleanliness and health. Everything is kept well below freezing so that your first bite ends up tasting better than if you got it yourself at home.

The ice cream we use is made from fresh milk that allows us to have some of the tastiest ice cream truck ice cream available in the area.

Milkshakes and cartwheels are made from this same ice cream. The milk in the milkshake is always kept chilled from when we purchase it to your cup, providing a unique sensation of freshness that you just can’t get at a restaurant or other vendors.

We strive to make sure every customer is happy and to be one of the best ice cream trucks Toronto has, this is why in addition to ice cream, we also carry slush drinks and popsicles. Slush drinks are extremely tasty since it mixes in tiny pellets of crushed ice with flavored syrup to give you a cooling drink with a variety of tastes. The popsicles we carry are handy since you can generally eat them at your own pace. Ice cream can sometimes start to get pretty messy when it starts to melt, popsicles don’t have that problem nearly as bad.