Ice Cream Truck Toronto

Ice Cream Truck Toronto If you were brought up pretty much anywhere in North America you’re no doubt familiar with the ice cream truck. Few other things can claim to have such an overwhelming set of positive associations as the ice cream truck and those positive associations span generations, ethnic lines, cultural lines and economic lines. Simply put: everyone loves the ice cream truck. At Mr. Iceberg our ice cream trucks are some of the best maintained and stocked in the business and make a perfect addition to your wedding, corporate get together, charity footrace, sporting event and more.

The Ice Cream Truck Toronto Residents Trust More

Not every ice cream truck in Toronto is created equal. We at Mr. Iceberg ice cream trucks see an enormous amount of repeat business because our customers discover the first time they use us that we take what we do seriously and always provide delicious, premium ice cream products at affordable prices. But there’s more.

  • We go to great lengths to ensure that each of our ice cream trucks is spotless from headlights to tail lights. Each truck undergoes regular health inspections and after the government inspectors are gone they must still live up to the exacting standards of our in-house quality assurance experts.
  • We carry only the highest grade ice cream products. No watered down generic ice cream will ever see the inside of a Mr. Iceberg ice cream truck in Toronto. Each of our offerings is guaranteed to please someone on your invitation list. From old-school classics like the cartwheel and banana boat to newer classics like soft serve we indulge in quality.
  • We make sure every ice cream product we offer has been stored using industry best practices and has never undergone thawing or melting at any point before it is served to you. For some ice cream caterers reselling thawed ice cream is standard business. For us, it’s substandard quality control and we won’t have it.
  • We make sure that each and every driver/server has an agreeable personality and a real enthusiasm for the work. Serving high quality ice cream from an ice cream truck is not for everyone. But it is for everyone who works with us. You’ll never need worry about having to deal with a grumpy Gus or someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed.

Discover the Difference Attention to Detail Makes

We understand how important it is that any food trucks that serve your private or business function be in complete compliance with established food safety standards and practices. As such we’re painstaking in the way we maintain and service our vehicles and more than a little obsessive with the attention we give to the way our products are stored and handled. It doesn’t matter to us if everyone else in the food service industry tries to get around the rules. We don’t and won’t because it’s not in the best interest of our customers. To learn more about hiring a Mr. Iceberg ice cream truck in Toronto call 416-559-8455.